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~see the latest slide videos from my chefs & kitchens series:

eBook versions of   "my face my life: portraits of character"

ongoing work includes:
~unit stills for film & television in Louisiana and the Southwest-         

~Over the last 5 years I have been dedicated to projects exploring diversity at markets,
regional festivals and cultural gatherings. They are being documented in a collection of book
titles named
"my face my life" - each depicting a cross section of faces that demonstrate life
experience; images captured in diverse surroundings in the places that attract diverse
personalities whose paths crossed that moment in time. Photos are both casual and candid,
using available light for best results and portray the genuine encounter. They explore the
character and life experiences of the subject.

~This country continues to evolve and the diversity of its population make-up changes with
every new generation and wave of immigration. The goal of this endeavor has been to
celebrate this transformation with portraits of character and distinction. The results will inform
and educate - they will be a timely continual reminder of the need for tolerance and
understanding of our differences. Go to:
"my face my life: exploring diversity"

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